Meet the Team

Thomas Shafer, Owner

Thomas has over 20 years of experience in the home technology industry. From Hawaii to Kansas, he has worked as head designer and installer on countless projects.
From Thomas:
A lot of what fuels my passion to help families enjoy their homes more is my own family. I married my best-friend-for-life Myndi twenty years ago and she's been keeping me young ever since. Our four kids make this ole' Dad's heart smile everyday. Liam (17), Viggo (15), Zoey (11), and Alice (7), each one so unique & confident that I am proud to call them mine. Add three dogs, a cat, and a bird into the mix as well and that makes for one very happy busy household. There isn't a weekend that goes by when we all don't share a meal, listen to music, crack some laughs, and work through life. If it wasn't my life, I'd be jealous!
Albert Einstein is quoted as saying "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough." That makes sense to me. Working with my Dad in his mechanic shop, I learned first hand how important that was. It doesn't matter how fancy something may seem on the outside, in the end, it just needs to work. I take my 20 years of experience in Home Technology and help today's homeowner understand what is best for their family's needs. Even if it is a large elaborate system, my goal is to make sure that system is easy to use and reliable. This is why I started Artisan Home Technology. To make everything...easier.

Kirsten Turner, Marketing

Kirsten is the head of Marketing at AHT and you can find her working in the Showroom..ready to sip coffee and demo products with you! When not at work, you will probably find her spending time with her two dogs, reading, plotting what concert to attend next, or planning where to travel next.

Devin Cannon, Lead Installer

Devin is the head of our install team at AHT. He has a background in IT, working as a member of the Geek Squad for over 5 years. From Devin: "My previous jobs have exposed me to so many types of technology. From helping people with email accounts, to repairing iPhones, it's exciting to see how teaching people about new technology can improve their lives."

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