Services We Offer

Home Theaters

Premium audio and video blended to create something magical. We design theaters that fit your home but also work with your family's needs.. Who doesn't want to go to the movies everyday?

Whole House TV

Watch your favorite TV show, movie, or sporting event in every room of the house. Control volume, turn TVs on and off, and change channel, all from your smart phone. We carry a wide range of TV's & Projection options, and can assess your space to make the right decision.

High Fidelity Music

You don't have to be a pro to appreciate when music sounds good. We take sound quality pretty seriously and are ready to create or upgrade your Home sound system. Have a HiFi system that sounds amazing whether you are streaming, or playing records.

Whole House Music

Get amazing sound quality in every room of the house. Choose from in-ceiling or bookshelf style speakers (choosing this may be one of favorite things). Control what is playing throughout the house, rooms can play music seperately or be synched together. Control song choice, volume, and more from your smart phone.

Network & Wifi

Commercial-grade routers and network systems are essential in a modern day home. With WiFi speed tests and the addition of Access Points, all parts of the house will be getting a strong signal, which means no more dead zones.

Security & Surveillance

Protect your home with secure entry locks, surveillance cameras, and sensors for doors & windows. Choose from different levels of monitoring for a security system that fits your specific needs. Arm & disarm from your smartphone if desired. RingX dealer.

Motorized Blinds

Set a schedule for curtains to open & close depending on your routine, or based on the suns position in the sky. Control blinds via smart phone as well. Choose from a large variety of quality fabrics to match your home decor.

Thermostat Control

Set temperature schedules, and streamline energy bills. View efficiency trends from your phone.

Custom Lighting

Set a schedule for lights to dim, turn on & off all via smart phone. Only use switches when you want to. Easily make sure all lights are off when you are away from house.

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