Home Theaters

Audio and Video merged to create something magical. Make your House the place to be for game-days, movie night, and more. Who says you can't go to the movies everyday?

Whole House TV

TV's that fit your space perfectly. Wall mounting that will make you say, where did those cords go?

High Fidelity Music

You don't have to be an audio professional to appreciate when music sounds good. We take sound quality pretty seriously and carry a multitude of high end audio companies in our store.

Whole House Music

Speakers in every room you want in your house. Control what is playing, how loud, and more, all from your smart device.

Network and Wifi

Commercial-grade network and routers are a game changer. Dead zones are a thing of the past. Professional wiring for all house projects. means faster speeds.

Security & Surveillance

Protect Your Home with custom entry locks, surveillance cameras that can be monitored anywhere, and smart security.

Motorized Blinds

Set a scheudule for blinds to open in the morning and close at dusk, or whatever schedule fits your lifestyle.

Thermostat Control

Set temperature schedules and steamline energy bills.

Custom Lighting

No more fussing with switches unless you want to. Set a schedule, and use your lights to reflect your mood.

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